Freya von Kellianna

I have climbed through the mountains
Earths‘ towers of stone
In search of great power
and the glitter of gold
My husband and daughter
Tucked safely at home
I left in search of great power and gold

Now I’ve come so far
Crying tears of amber
Tears of gold for my lost love
And I’m one step behind him
Every corner I turn
That be the price for a necklace of gold
I pay the price for this necklace of gold

On wings of the falcon
From Asgard I soared
To the kingdom of Midgard
Where man ruled the world
There I searched every valley
And village and fiord
I vowed I’d not stop til I’d
Searched the Nine Worlds
I’d never stop til
I’d searched the Nine Worlds

Onward I searched through
Long days and long nights
By the shine of the sun
And the twinkle of starlight
I still couldn’t find it
Oh, where was my prize
I would accept no defeat
I would not be denied

I travelled below
To the home of four dwarves
To behold a gold necklace
With magic they had forged
What must I do
For this power to hold
To lie with us all is the cost
I was told

With a chariot team
Of two cats sleek and strong
I turned toward Asgard
In triumphant return
Eager I was for
My family and home
to honor my
Magical necklace of gold

Upon my return
My daughter I found
But my husband, my love
Was nowhere around
Displeased with my quest
He had left us alone
Now I search and I search
To find out here he’s gone
I am endlessly searching
To find where he’s gone